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Vintage Japanese Fabrics

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by YokoDana Kimono:

Japanese Fabrics by YokoDana Kimono (also known as Yoko Trading): We sell authentic vintage Japanese fabrics for upcycling by pieces, kimono fabric panels and in bulk vintage(used) kimono packages by-pound on this website -- also, antique & vintage Japanese country antique textiles (tsutsugaki). At select venues we also sell our best vintage Japanese fabrics, kimono, haori, michiyuki, yukata, hakama and our own handmade accessories ( kanzashi, hair sticks, hairpins, scarves etc.) With offices in Japan and Delaware, USA, we serve everyone from quilters, fabric artists, designers and decorators to Theatre, Otaku and Anime Cosplay enthusiasts around the world. Welcome to YokoDana Kimono!

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Bulk Kimono By-Pound Packages

Japanese Fabrics

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Japanese Fabrics
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Who is YokoDana -- Overview of our site

We are Yoko Trading (a/d/b/a YokoDana Kimono), called simply "YokoDana" by our customers and fans; we are a web-based family business offering vintage Japanese kimono fabrics by piece and in volume; Since 1998 offering upcycled vintage kimono Japanese fabric pieces, bulk vintage kimono by-pound as well as some collectible and antique Japanese textiles(tsutsugaki, etc); We offer various types of Japanese fabrics as well as vintage Japanese fabric in lots, yards, bolts/rolls and pieces; in business since 1989; We occasionally sell special kimono by piece, which we explain here.

We are proud of the fact that we have been "green" since the beginning, selling upcycled textiles and giving these wonderful vintage (used)kimonos and Japanese fabrics a new life; We delight in the many re-purposed uses (called upcycling by some) which our customers find for our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics.

Our customers come from a wide range of creative arts: we serve quilters, textile & multimedia artists, USA and international dress, fashion and accessory designers as well as furniture makers, interior decorators, dollmakers, designers, couturiers and many other specialty niche artists;

We also sell to other small businesses, shops and entrepeneurs around the world who take our bulk kimonos apart and sell them in various modalities as well as to Theatres, Anime and Otaku Cosplay costumers -- and more than we can list here.

Locations: We have an office in Japan as well as our main office in Delaware; we ship from the USA office. Our full story is here.

We are happy to share the special beauty of traditional Japanese kimono and Japanese fabrics and country textiles with people all over the world via this web site. You can start now to browse our site by starting with our thorough site map; or you can also use the links on the right and left columns of this page. Welcome to YokoDana.com, and Enjoy!


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Founded 1989 -- Online Since 1998

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